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Open Access Publication Fund

About Open Access Publication Fund

UCT Libraries offers an open access publications fund to encourage UCT authors to make their journal articles openly available called the Open Access Journal Publications Fund (OAJPF). This Fund has been established to help cover the article processing charges (APC) to publish in accredited open access journals. Authors, who have a UCT affiliation and who do not have relevant funding, will be given preference to cover APCs. Please note that there is limited funding available and the Libraries will not be able to support all applications.

The OAJPF supports this publishing model as it enables the free, immediate, online distribution of, and access to, scholarly research; having no embargo on any part of the content. This free online access benefits UCT authors, other researchers, the University, and many people world-wide.

The OAJPF is administered by UCT Libraries since 2014.  UCT Libraries also has a membership with BioMed Central, which means that the article processing charges are discounted.

Find out what the criteria are to apply to the Open Access Journal Publications Fund.

Read through the FAQs about the OAJPF or contact OpenUCT if you have a question about publishing your work open access.

Further resource:

Solomon, D.J. &  Björk, B. (2012). A study of open access journals using article processing charges.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 63(8): 1485-1495.